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  • Eruzen

    Eruzen is the name of the world. It is comprised of three large continents, and one set of islands close enough to be carried under one name. They are: [[Garsei]] [[Valdera]] [[Andera]] [[Isles of Korba Lir]]

  • Valdera

    Valdera is a land found far to the east of Gersei. Unlike Gersei, the entirety of Valdera is under the banner of a single King; although disputes between regions have been known to break out, the King is usually quick to act and settle them. Valdera is …

  • Andera

    The mysterious lands known as Andera are still a mystery to many. For generations, the shores of Andera had been a mystery to all; Adventurers, scholars, diplomats, anybody who traveled there rarely returned, or if they did they would claim never to have …

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