Elesia most loved appearance is a young and beautiful Human Female (which looks to be of noble descent but has clothing of a commoner). No one knows why she likes this form the most.


Elesia did reveal to the group that she is in fact a changeling however she has not shown her true female changeling form to the group as of yet.

Common knowledge about Changelings that the group should know:

Changelings do not have a homeland and often live in clans. Changelings can be found in large cities but it is rare to find a changeling because they will often adopt a new persona if they believe they are to be found out. Most people dislike changelings because they believe them to be untrustworthy even though they are the most human of the shape shifter races.


The Party met Elisa at the city of Abenteur after rescuing a woman from a burning building filled with undead with her Guardian Marhorn (aka Old Towns man). After finding out that Brad was brought home safely with the help of the group, she agreed to join them and help them travel to the Ruins of Ander Verschie.

Elesia was able to help the party return the amulet to its resting place at the top of Kings Tower; she was also able to save the life of Alcide who was hanging for his life on the outer edge of Kings Tower. After Elesia and the group made their way back to Abenteur only to be arrested but the Obsidian Dominion and sent to fight in the Arena.
During the Trials in the Arena the group has notice the Elesia has been acting strangely. After only a few days in a cell she seem to have become very hostile to being held and wanted to escape almost immediately, however during the fights in the arena her personality seemed to have changed and she no longer wanted to even leave the arena. During this time she even made a threat against Bastian, some other party members have even seen hear uncontrollably change faces/personalities during times she experience high stress.

As of now it is unknown what Elesia’s current mental state is or even what has happen to her in the past and it will be up to the group to decide whether or not to try and put together the many pieces of Elesia and find out her secrets…only time will tell.


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