A dual-wielding longtooth shifter ranger with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf. In bipedal form, a good portion of his body is covered in brown/auburnish hair. In wolf form, however, his predominant fur color is grey.


Did mercenary work for some time before meeting up with his current party in Abenteur. He often likes to keep to himself, but shall the situation arise, he will go into the fray using his two swords to carve through his enemies. He spends most of his time on the combat field in his bipedal form, since he loses the ability to hold anything with his paws. Though hesitant at first using his shapeshifted form to help him out of situations, he later found it to be most useful for covering distance, since he is slightly faster in his shapeshifted form.

Alcide hasn’t revealed a lot about his past, but while connecting with a character he met while imprisoned with the others in the Abenteur gladitorial combat dungeons, he revealed he had a son. Unfortunately, his past and length of time from home have closed off any further information about that subject, since he cannot even remember his son’s name.


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