Dungeons and Dragons: Eruzen

They Hunger . . .

In the third adventure, the group exits the Murmuring Woods and continues to make their way east towards Ander Verschie.
As they clear the final ridge, they are greeted by the beautiful sight of the fallen city.
Ruins of ander verschieDestroyed nearly 50 years, the city still stands in broken splendor.
After taking a moment to admire it, the group begins to make their way down the hill and toward the haunted cities outer walls. However, a few of the members notice a small, faint light emanating from the one of the surrounding structures on the outskirts of the city.
Deciding to look into it instead of charging headlong into what could be quite a dangerous mission, the group begins to head towards what looks to be like a graveyard and temple; Brendolyn being thoroughly happy while riding on Torans back.
The group cautiously opens the temple doors and calls out for its Keeper, stating their presence and requesting his company; however, there is no answer.
They begin to search the Temple, opting not to bother with the graveyard at this point. It does not take them long to discover a body in the corner of the room. After looking over the body, they discover it has been stabbed and beaten to death, the body is only a few days old at most.
At this point, Elesia chooses to send her conscious outside while Sapphire decides to use her physical body. The air begins to grow heavy around the group and the temple as they continue to search and find out what happened to the man.
It is then that the bodies of the graveyard begin to erupt and leave their grave. Sensing it through her consciousness, Elesia calls out the newfound enemies. Sapphire stands in awe as bodies erupt from the graves around her.
Calling out to their friend, the group calls Sapphire back into the Temple as they begin to barricade the windows and doors, an onslaught of zombies just moments away.
Rushing in, Sapphire finishes barricading the door she just entered through and looks around the Temple. The barricades are finished, the air is thick with impending battle, and the moans of the dead echo through the dark walls of the Temple.
Standing firm, the group grips their weapons, implements, and shields as outlines of the undead form through the stained glass windows of the Temple. As the group nods to one another in affirmation . . . the battle begins.
Windows begin to break as the undead begin to climb through the east and west. Splitting the party, the battle for survival erupts in a glorious blaze. Pouring in through the windows, the undead seem to be coming in in endless numbers, but the group is more than happy to meet the battle head on.
It is then that they realize some more undead slipped in through the southern window, and that the group is running out of men to cover all the flanks.
Taking it upon himself at first, Alcide quickly rushes over to try to hold them off at the door, but he is too late. Undead pour through an unguarded flank and chaos erupts as they make their way into the Temple.
Luckily, through amazing teamwork and skilled leadership, the group fells the last undead; its bones shattering as they land on the ground lifeless once more.
Smiling to one another and congratulating each other on an amazing fight well fought, the celebration is cut short as the entire Temple begins to rumble.
Confused, the group begins to look around to find the source. It is then that Alcide and Sapphire notice it is coming from the east side of the temple.
As they group looks out the broken windows, they can see a very, very large bone golem charging directly at the Temple wall.
Bone golem final Taking defensive positions immediately, the bone golem showed no signs of slowing or even damage as it slammed through the entire Temple wall, sending glass and rubble flying everywhere.
Undaunted, the group bravely launched themselves directly against the vile abomination as this massive golem began to swing wildly at anyone that came close.
Taking hits and unable to truly recover from the previous battle, the group is hard pressed to defeat the massive bone golem before them; its massive fists slamming into the ground and sending shards of stone flying everywhere.
As the battle progresses, the group discovers that even as they weaken the bone golem, it is so mobile and large that the chips of its bone flying from its body is finding its way into the heroes skin.
Working around this small issue, the group finally manages to overcome the undead behemoth and keep it down and dormant where it belongs.
Cheering over their victory and taking a moment to mend their wounds, the group then continues to search the grounds for something they can use, knowledge they can use for entering the city of Ander Verschie, or perhaps something about the amulet they bear.
It is then that they find the journal of the groundskeeper. He documents that a family came through to explore the ruins and asked for his help and knowledge. He gladly obliged, stating that they can feel free to explore anywhere, although the Kings Tower, the massive tower in the center of Ander Verschie’s castle, is off limits due to the castle collapsing in certain areas making it inaccessible.
The tale proceeds to document how the family actually made their way into the tower after finding a secret servants entrance. The man explains how the family was polite enough to ask permission to keep various treasures they found in the tower, including an amulet.
Over the next few entries a rather eerie story played out. The groundskeeper begins to hear things at night, see things moving within Ander Verschie. After only a moment of reading on, it is clear that the movement of this amulet has caused Ander Verschie to become restless.
If things could not get strange enough, it is then that a murder of crows enters the Temple through the broken bell tower and the group are visited by an unwelcome but familiar face.Raven queen
The Raven Queen herself stood before the group, staring at (or through) each of them before finally making her demands.
It seems there are many lost souls wandering through Ander Verschie, and the Raven Queen does not like this fact one bit. She demands the adventurers return the lost souls to her at once, or face her wrath.
Having no true say in the matter, the group reluctantly accepts to aid the Raven Queen. A smirk forms on her face just moments before bursting into ravens and leaving the adventurers on their own.
Forced to enter the walls of Ander Verschie and return the amulet to its resting location (Now located somewhere in the Kings Tower), the group looks amongst one another, nods, and begins to make their way towards the western gates of Ander Verschie . . .



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