Dungeons and Dragons: Eruzen

Allies, Taverns, and Midnight Strolls

The second session began with the group entering the old mans house with the injured woman.
Placing her softly upon the couch, Bastian continued to keep her safe and attempt to heal her any chance he got.
The rest of the group, meanwhile, began to discuss the strange amulet she had given them. After finally getting a chance to see it under no stressful situation, Brendolyn and a few others recognized it as an amulet of Corellon.
It was as the group began to discuss what this all meant, as well as what to do with the injured woman, that there was a knock at the door.
Assuring them it was okay, the old man made his way to the door and opened it only a crack before beginning to whisper outside of it. The rest of the group continued their discussion, Brendolyn bringing up that she recognized the tabards the undead wore being the symbol of Ander Verschie, a city that fell in war many, many years ago.
Ghirabaug then asked for the amulet to see if he could determine if there was any magic on it. Bastian offered it to him freely, and as Ghirabaug began to sense the magic within, the first sight of a hideous visage was seen by the group.
Claiming they were all thieves, the undead female apparition snapped out at Ghirabaug just as it faded away.
As the group continued to discuss what to do with the amulet, quite possibly having to trek to Ander Verschie to return it, the old man opened the door and allowed the mysterious knocker inside with the rest of the group. It was then the group first laid eyes upon a well groomed human appearing of some noble decent.
Introducing herself as Elesia, the old man said he couldn’t help but overhear their conversation and said if they needed a guide to Ander Verschie, Elesia was their ticket to getting their quickly and safely.
Deciding not to do anything rash, the group decided to settle down for the night, the old man more than happy offering his home for them to sleep in. It was then that Brendolyn decided to still make her way to Bindel’s, try to salvage what was left of the night to see if she could continue her personal quest.
With a few of her new companions offering to escort her to the tavern, it was Elesia and Toran who stayed behind with the injured woman as she slept.
Arriving at Bindel’s, the group was greeted with a lively scene of gnomes, halflings, and dwarves all bunched in a tavern drinking and being merry to their hearts content.
Feeling right at home, Brendolyn moved to the bartender and asked about her father, Olivor Thistleberry. Unable to remember at first, Brendolyn described him and helped the small halfling with his memory.
Informing her he has something for her if she can prove who she claims to be, the bartender explained that Olivor boasted how his daughter was a skilled bard, a beauty to behold as she played and sung.
Having full confidence in her ability, Brendolyn made her way to the staged area where the local troupe was already playing. Arranging a song with them, Brendolyn stepped up and, for the first time, played a majestic song in front of her new friends and the tavern.
Captivating the audience with such an amazing performance, the bartender was nearly brought to tears by her moving song.
As she returned to the counter, the little halfling bartender had already prepared a drink for her and her friends on the house. After some congratulations and a small bit of talking with her companions, the bartender returned with a letter from Olivor designated to his daughter.
Note to brendolyn thistleburry
As Brendolyn eagerly read the letter from her missing father, it actually only added more questions than answered them.
For one, her father always kept a journal with him. He always wrote in it. Like her mastery of music, Olivor was a master of language, yet the letter contained many spelling errors in it. Worse yet was the fact that it mentioned her brother Kehnak in it . . . a brother she did not have.
Convinced it was some kind of code she had to decipher, Brendolyn folded the letter and pocketed it. Keen to finish the rest of the night in joy and merriment, the group in the tavern had a wonderful night of drink and merriment.
After they decided they had had enough, the group retired back to the old mans place and decided to sleep.
Elesia, as luck would have it, fell asleep with the amulet.

That night Elesia had terrible dreams that kept her tossing and turning, but it was not until the final dream that Elesia felt truly uneasy.

In the dream, she moved through an old castle, up a large set of stairs until a solid double door lay before her.
Opening the door, she was greeted to the sight of a large room filled with occupants. Servants filling cups, laying plates out, all under the watch of three royalty sitting in chairs at the end of the long room; an elderly man with a large crown, a younger, handsome boy to his right, and a beautiful brunette to his left.
Making her way past the servants, who were apparently paying her no heed, Elesia noticed that out the window a large, black cloud was making its way towards the castle.
Blotting out the sun as it reached the castle, the servants were disappearing one by one as the shadow crossed the room . . . but the royalty remained, though not alive.
Their bodies rapidly decomposed as they set themselves in their final resting positions.
Remaining unharmed during this vision, Elesia made her way to the three thrones.
Looking over the bodies, it was then that the female one moved, reached to grab Elesia . . . it was then that the same horrifying face appeared that Ghirabaugh saw.
Frightened, Elesia let out a whimper as the ghostly visage simply said “It is mine! Give it back, thieves!”

Waking up the next day, Elesia was quick to inform her new-found allies of her dream, particularly since she kept a few of them awake.
They began to discuss a course of action when the injured lady began to wake from her deep slumber.
After some questioning, they had learned that the woman and her family had been traversing Delutante and had decided to visit the fallen city of Ander Verschie.
Her family had decided to venture forth into the castle there, but she opted to stay behind. When her husband returned, he gave her the amulet she had found. Since then, horrors have followed them, up until the final slaughter of her family upon their return to Abentuer.

Driven now more than ever to return the amulet and stop whatever this horrible visage is, the group quickly assembles their belongings before setting off east.
Led by Elesia, who knows the land quite well, the seven heroes set off outside of Abentuer and into the world.

On the second day of travel, the group comes across a dwarven caravan coming from Oakshire. Showing to be friendly, the group approaches and converse with the friendly dwarves; a couple members even buy a few items from the dwarves.
Saying their goodbyes after learning a bit about the land, Elesia brings up the fact that they may have to travel through the Murming Woods to hasten their travel.
Agreeing to go through instead of around, Elesia begins to take them through the woods . . .
Murmuring woods

The Murmuring Woods should not be taken lightly . . .

As the group moves through the woods, it begins to get dark out, but not because of time.
Noises begin to build, light begins to fade, hope begins to flee . . .
It is as the group begins to panic and Elesia loses the way that they begin to hear why the Murmuring Woods have earned its name.
Whispers begin to build around the group as they draw their weapons. Louder and louder they build until finally Elesia chooses and way and they begin to run.
Unfortunately, the forest itself begins to shift to guide the group, and it is then they come across their predator.
A battle breaks out over (and for some, in) a river of leaves, a small chasm in the woods in which an unnatural breeze catches and blows many fallen leaves, creating a large river effect.
The denizens of the woods seem to use this river to their advantage; sneaking through it and, sometimes, pulling the unsuspecting heroes in it.
Luckily, through trust and teamwork, the group disposes of the dark denizens and quickly continues through the woods, harried . . . but not defeated.



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