Dungeons and Dragons: Eruzen

A Single Step

The saga begins . . .


We find our heroes entering the city of Abenteur one by one, save for two who have already acquainted themselves with one another . . .
Bastian, a Human Paladin born and raised in Abenteur, and Toran, a Dragonborn Sorcerer new to this part of the lands.
Finding themselves in the Nightgate Inn for a round of drinks, the two are blissfully unaware that they are in the presence of two of their future comrades who are seeking shelter for the night within the inn.
Alcide, a Longtooth Shifter who prefers to live in the wilds as a Ranger, and a Moon Elf Thief who prefers to go by the name of Sapphire, both wandered about the tavern floor for their own individual purposes.
Meanwhile, a rather happy-go-lucky Halfling Bard found herself in the Six Candles Tavern. Introducing herself as Brendolyn, or Bren for short, the Bard continued to ask around the tavern if anyone had seen her father. Picking up on a lead, Brendolyn was clued in to Bindles; a tavern that houses most gnomes, halflings, and shorter folk that enter the city.
Lastly, a Human Swordmage by the name of Ghirabaug roams the Witch-Duke’s Bride Inn to search for something to help take his mind away for the night.

As the night progresses, the four within the Nightgate Inn find themselves expelled upon hearing there are no more rooms available that night. Leaving the Inn, the four heroes move further into the city in order to find an Inn that is open.
Brendolyn, in the meantime, wanders the streets of Abenteur in order to find Bindles. Unbeknownst to her, Ghirabaug looms close by as well in search for some excitement.
It is then that the six of them hear the crack of fire and the screams of the city folk.
Making their way to the sound of fire and sight of smoke, they were greeted by the sight of a slew of undead slaying the townsfolk as they fled from their burning homes.
Feeling the call of heroism, the six heroes stepped through the crowd to face the enemies at hand. Inspired by their bravery, a local townsfolk stepped up as well insisting on proving his bravery for one final hurrah in his old age.
As the final skeleton fell to the ground, Brendolyn recognized the crest on the tabard worn by the undead: A golden stag head embroidered on the blue tabard, the symbol of Ander Verschie, a city that fell in battle nearly 50 years ago and has been unheard of since.
Shrugging aside the knowledge momentarily, the six heroes then heard screaming from within the burning building.
Followed by their elderly companion, they all entered and ran through the fire and flames of the burning building to aid the female scream coming from within.
With Toran only taking minor wounds from collapsing debris, the seven strangers entered the bedroom of the house to find even more undead within the blaze, threatening and harming a woman in the corner.
After an intense fight within the flames, the heroes confront the burned and beat woman and try their best to convince her to come with them.
In a heroic choice of words, Bastian is able to convince the woman to take his hand and follow him out of the wrecked house. It is during this time that the crazed woman hands Bastian an amulet, urging him to take it away from her.
Escaping the burning house, a final bout of heroics takes place as Sapphire saves the elderly townsman as he missteps out of the window and nearly falls to his doom.
The adventure ends as the heroes walk away from the burning wreck; the poor, injured woman held tightly in Bastian’s arms.
Amulet of corellon



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