Welcome to the world of Eruzen . . .

A world of magic, mystery, adventure, and intrigue.

. . . or at least it had been once, long ago.
30 years prior, in the year 360 A.D., a legion calling themselves the Obsidian Dominion emerged from the continent of Valdera and began their gruesome march across the land.

Led by a mysterious figure known only as The Empress , the Dominion was met with little to no resistance it could not overtake as they moved across the world. First from Valdera to Garsei, then from Garsei to the Isles of Korba Lir, and finaly the Isles to the continent of Andera.

Dominating the world, the Empress united the lands under her banner and her rule alone. Delegates of the Dominion were placed across the world and entire cities were reshaped in her image. Noble houses were disbanded, and authority was entirely rebuilt as she saw fit.

Of course, the Empress did not do all this with her voice alone . . .

Acting as her hand, her voice, and her will, the Empress would deploy her most powerful ally, the dark and mysterious Flayer of Souls, to do her bidding. Be it razing a city, quelling an uprising, or interrogating prisoners for information, it was common knowledge that when the Flayer arrived . . . pain and suffering quickly followed suit as the Empress’s will was carried out.

Remaining unchallenged for years, the Obsidian Dominion is now the unquestionable ruler of Eruzen, and having no more reason to be seen in public, the Empress has long since retreated to her throne located within the Darkstone Tower, a fortress erected by her in the lands of Andera.

The year is now 390 A.D., the Dominion has ruled for 30 years. While the Empress has not been seen in over 15 years to the public, her will is certainly still bestowed upon them.

The Flayer of Souls, the dark warrior who has come to be known by many names; the Empress’s Will, Hand of the Empire, the Obsidian Knight, remains quite active to this day, intervening in all disputes, issues . . . or worse.

In fact, rumors whisper upon the wind to the common folk that the Flayer is in fact the ruler of the Dominion, that the Empress passed away many years ago or, perhaps, never really existed.

But it is all only speculation . . . the only bit of treason the common folk whisper about now is simply this:

How could nobody have attempted to stop this?
. . . the rise of the Black Empress . . .

Dungeons and Dragons: Eruzen

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